Acre is a city in northwestern Israel, located on the Haifa Bay on the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world. 

It was founded around 3000 BC, and through its history was under Ancient Egyptian, Israelite, and Greek rule. It was also an integral and much fought-over prize city of the Crusades.

Today, Acre is primarily known for its rich history, blend of Jewish and Muslim religion, waterfront, maritime activities, and historic ruins.

People Born in Acre

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Acre in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: After conquering Jaffa in 1799, my armies and I moved on to this city, the ultimate prize. For centuries, it had been a formidable and practically siege-proof citadel of a fortress-city. Due to its advantageous location, taking this city would mean either the success or failure of my hope to occupy Syria alongside Egypt. I commanded an intense and long 60-day siege on this city, facing the Ottoman commander Jezzar Pasha inside the fortress' walls. Though I successfully led a surprise attack on extra Ottoman troops coming as reinforcements to Acre, I was unable to take this stronghold of a city. Drained of much of my army and resources, I decided to return to Egypt.

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