Abigail Adams
Abigail Adams was First Lady of the United States as wife of John Adams, who was President from 1797 - 1801, and the mother of John Quincy Adams. She is revered as one of the most prominent First Ladies in history. Her husband frequently sought her political advice, and Adams was a renowned intellectual.

Full Name Abigail Amelia Smith Adams
Who First Lady of the United States
Birth Date November 22, 1744
Death Date October 28, 1818
Country United States
Born Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died Quincy, Massachusetts, USA
Cause of Death typhoid fever
Education n/a
Father William Smith
Mother Elizabeth Quincy Smith
Spouse John Adams

Mary Smith Cranch

William Smith

Betsy Smith Shaw Peabody


Abigail Adams Smith

John Quincy Adams

Charles Adams

Thomas Adams


Adams was a cousin of Dorothy Quincy, and so was cousin-in-law of her husband, John Hancock.

Adams was actually a third-cousin of her future husband John Adams, and had known him for all of her life. However, their relationship changed when Adams was 17, and became re-acquainted with John. He was impressed by her beauty, but most importantly by her understanding of literature and intellectual conversation. They married in 1764 and maintained a loving relationship for the rest of their lives. Adams wrote thousands of letters to her husband while he was away, and he viewed her as an equal and a powerful mind. He frequently sought her advice in political matters. When she died, her last words were "John, it will not be long." She was buried beside her husband.

Adams was the grandmother of George Washington Adams, whom she helped raise.

Adams was a friend of Thomas Jefferson, though they experienced a severe break in their friendship when Jefferson opposed her husband. Decades later, they renewed their correspondance. 

Adams was painted by Gilbert Stuart.

How Added - Through her husband John Adams.

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